Friday, September 02, 2005

Toes in the water

I have at long last joined the masses and started a blog. When I first heard of blogging I found the idea a bit strange, wondering what kind of strange person wanted the world to read their personal thoughts. I have journaled regularly since I was 17 and have found it extremely enjoyable for myself, but I didn't think anyone else would find it remotely interesting. Sure, the thought that someone might some day read my babblings and find them profound crept at the edges of every page, tempting me to abandon sincerity of pen, but I was able to push it aside most of the time.

As the day of the internet brightened and the fog of America Online was burned away, I soon found my way onto a message board and a door was opened. Now I find that much of my internet time is spent reading the thoughts of people from all walks of life on their blogs. What I once found so strange seems to me now just a variation of an ancient longing. We all have something to say. Whether it's brilliant or not and whether anyone hears or not, we still have a passion to speak what we think it true.

And that's all this is. This is one drop of praise in the ocean of glory that I am surrounded by.


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