Friday, October 26, 2007

Mike Huckabee- Does he have a snowball's chance?

Justin Taylor, Joe Carter and Matthew Anderson give their endorsement to Mike Huckabee.

Zach shares this clip (with inspiring Devotchka music behind it):

I'm not sure who I will support for president (or if they will be a Republican) but I have liked much of what I have heard from Huckabee. However, I am NOT a fan of his desire to implement a national smoking ban.



Blogger matthieu said...

A Christian Votes for Ron Paul in the Primary (but I'll still love you if you don't)
Matthieu Bernard Nov. 16, 2007

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Gal.5:1

Sometimes I don't vote because I find myself compromising values for "the lesser of two evils." However as a Christian I am compelled to vote for Ron Paul because he is NOT a Christian politician. Now when pressed about it he will say that Christianity is his religion and you can see his ethical system follows suit. But he doesn't pander to that to try and win votes from "Christian Voters." I like this because if there is one thing that instantly zaps the Church it is looking to the government for power. Also when we focus our efforts on moralizing society through government laws and injunctions rather than prayer, testimony and acts of compassion and charity we tend to forsake the "inner cleansing" effect of the gospel. (Do we then overthrow the law by this faith? By no means! On the contrary, we uphold the law. Romans 3:31) I believe this is injurious to spiritual health on a personal level and at large. Lastly, the general awareness of the populace today is that Christianity is a militant religion. We have to acknowledge that TV-fueled, money driven, false teaching has made it so. With respect to your opinion of President Bush's leadership and faith, all Christians can agree that Jesus Christ, not the President, is our example in life. Yep, as a Christian I love separation of Church and State. That's an issue of Freedom.

Now as an American, I really like this guy because he brings it back to the Constitution. One thing we've all forgotten is that the Constitution holds the key to our national identity. It is the tender yarn that knits our vast and diverse congregation of souls together in the union we call a Republic. Freedom is a radical idea in every sphere of life and it is from God. True Freedom is exclusively God stuff. We say it all the time as Christians but sometimes we limit it to the context of theology, worship, and church-oriented settings. Where Freedom meets government or commerce or artistic expression or a context where the world can get a taste some Christians back off and call it secular and treat it as "unclean" or beneath them and God to interest themselves in the affairs of man. It implies that unbelievers can't enjoy the common grace of God or worse yet, that God is small. But it really reveals how little we enjoy God. Now as a Christian I don't want to have small or weak faith in God. No, I desire to see God glorified and enjoyed for His benefits by every man, woman and child in every sphere of life, including politics and government.

Our Founding Fathers loved Freedom. They brooded long hours over it and they found that Man's Government is naturally tyrannous and corrupt. What a surprise. This is stirring because the conclusions that they reached are the ones we were all raised to respect but forgot about. Let me say, The Republic is NOT expressed in the individuals' subjection to government. The Republic is found in the government's subjection to the individuals. True Patriotism therefore values the interest of the individual and not government. The USA does not belong to the President but to the People! This talk is common sense but out of place today. Why?!

Freedom is wonderful to celebrate. As a boy I loved the 4th of July, not just for the pyro-fun of it but for how it made me feel as an American celebrating Liberty with my fellow man in the land of the Free and the Brave. Not because we are all the same but because we are all free! Government off our backs! Some might think this is rebellious but the great thing is, it isn't! We are all honor bound by the writings of those who founded this nation to celebrate freedom from government interest. American government is, "of the people, by the people, for the people." It is not the body of government which is sovereign, but the people who are sovereign. ("People," referring to the body of individuals, not mob rule or rule of the masses.)

Liberty can be such a blessing in America. But it's not like that now and we have to put our house in order and honor the traditional American principles of individual freedom and responsibility or suffer in poverty under certain tyranny.

So I am voting for love of America and all her inhabitants and all their livelihood invisible to me with the prayer that their lives would be free and happy, that we may all dwell in peace with our neighbors.

If you are a Christian concerned with love for your family, neighbors and troops please consider registering right away as a Republican and voting for Ron Paul in your State's soon approaching Republican primary.

for more info about Ron Paul please visit,, and
You will find him to be empassioned, principled, humble and genuine.
Join the r3V0Lution!

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