Monday, January 16, 2006

back at it

Well, strange as it may seem, I still think about posting on here every now and then and tonight I decided to actually do it.

So this is the New Year and I do feel different. It may sound hopelessly corny, but the prospect of this year ahead excites me greatly. I usually shy away from resolutions because I so often fail at them, but this year I went the other way and came up with so many that I know there is no way that I can possibly attain them.

I am still teaching a small group on the book "The Christian Life". We are nearly done and it has been a great experience, both in learning about the truth of the Gospel and growing in community. My next "church project" will be working on helping put together our membership class and forming a vision/mission statement. One of our core values wil not be beer, although wine and cigars may find their way in there somewhere.

I love my wife and daughter.

I also love my brother's band Somewhere North. Go listen to some songs over here and enjoy it. Their first full length cd will be coming out in about 2 weeks.

May Christ reign in my body and my heart and may I love Him with all that I have.


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thanks for that prop.

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