Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Books in the mail!

Yesterday, I went to my parents house and saw a mysterious box from WTS Books. I knew that my mom had just gotten a shipment from them the week before and I wondered "Is that my Christmas present? Should I open it now and ask questions later?" Well, I thought it prudent to ask questions first, so I called my mom and she said "Oh no...those are just more ESV Children's Bibles for my Sunday School class."


We continued talking and before I hung up, she sighed and said "Oh, just open it! Those are books for you. I wasn't going to give them to you until we got back (they are out of town this week) but just open them now!"

Just then, the heavens opened up and I heard angelic singing in my ears. It was a beautiful moment.

I eagerly opened the box and, lo and behold, my parents had blessed me with a copy of Beeke/Pederson's Meet the Puritans and Goldsworthy's Gospel-Centered Hermeneutics!

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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