Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Is Jesus the only way to God?

I have some friends who recently been asking this question and subsequently flirting with the doctrine of inclusivism.

My friend described inclusivism as:
"...essentially a middle ground between exclusivism and universalism. Christian Inclusivism is a mysterious widening of God's grace. It admits the belief that Christianity is the most effective way to understand God, but that even some people in other religions and also those who are unaware of the Gospel may fall under a wider mercy of God."
Trevin Wax says that:
The inclusivist position rests upon two axioms: particularity and universality. Regarding particularity, inclusivism differs from pluralism by stating clearly that salvation is found only through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Regarding universality, inclusivism differs from exclusivism by claiming that God intends his salvation to be available to all humans everywhere.
Trevin has a good four part blog series on inclusivism:
1. What is Inclusivism and Why Does It Matter?

2. Inclusivism: Is God Really Fair?
3. Inclusivism: What is “Faith” Anyway?
4. Yes, Good People Go To Heaven - But What Does “Good” Mean?

I understand the motivation to ponder a doctrine like inclusivism, because no one should enjoy the thought of others suffering eternally. But the doctrine of inclusivism seems like another poor and ultimately Christ-demeaning attempt to "rescue" God from the questions asked of Him by people who have no regard for what He has already spoken by His Son Jesus. It seems that rather than lamely capitulating to these questions by forming a hurtful doctrine, we should prayerfully, lovingly and tirelessly pursue the nations for their sake and for the sake of the glory of a God in whom righteousness and peace have already kissed.



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