Tuesday, September 12, 2006

fralines and fun

dallass and i spent saturday night dressed up as trendy europeans. our friends christopher and randi are having a baby any day now, and their baby shower (for the upcoming truman) had a "nursery rhyme" theme. we got so into it that we actually rented costumes and appeared as the grown up hansel and gretel (little known fact: hansel and gretel found out in their early twenties that they were, in fact, NOT brother and sister. based on the strong bond they had forged during their near-death experience with the witch, they decided to get married. and attend baby showers.). we had a great time and i can honestly say that i have never enjoyed wearing suspenders so much in all my life.

and by the way, if anyone needs a cough drop...i'm your man.



Blogger Joel + Sarah said...

You should wear those costumes pretty much all the time.

p.s. we had fun with you guys too!

12:22 PM  

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