Friday, March 31, 2006

friday scattershot

adelaide and i are hanging out downstairs in the guest room tonight. she has taken quite a liking to her stuffed ernie doll and loves to drool all over his face. this truly proves that she is my daughter because when i was a wee lad i did exactly the same thing. i was so into drooling on ernie that my parents had to buy me a replacement ernie because original ernie was just about growing mold on his face.

i have been working a ton and i am so thankful that it is friday and that i won't be working until monday. i am thankful to God for sabbath rest.

currently i am reading 'blue like jazz' by donald miller and 'the insulted and injured' by dostoevsky. both are splendid. i may elaborate on them at some point.

i have been listening to sufjan stevens' album 'seven swans' alot the past couple of days and enjoying some of the complexities that you have to listen close to find. 'illinois' has been such a massive success for him and it is awash in textures, colors, images and sounds. 'seven swans' is all of those things but packaged so differently that it comes off as simplistic, which is part of it's charm. it was an entirely appropriate album for a rainy and drowsy friday.


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