Tuesday, January 31, 2006

save darfur

al mohler has an interview with nicholas kristof of the new york times regarding the genocide occuring in the darfur region of sudan. you can listen to it here (download or stream).
i thought it was quite good, especially when mohler took some calls from listeners. one of the callers said that he thought it was great that something of this magnitude was being addressed instead of everyone crying about tv shows like 'the book of daniel' or movies like 'brokeback mountain'. i was surprised and delighted to hear mohler's enthusiastic agreement to that. mohler said that those things should be addressed but that genocide far outweighs controversy over television programming. there is also a chilling indictment of the network and cable news channels that kristof referred to as "breathless blondes talking about missing blondes".

in an age when a homosexual man playing a christian missionary in a movie causes more stir than the government sponsored raping and mutilation of women, i pray that my heart will be in the right place. may the Holy Spirit of God change me into a person who doesn't live by the headlines but a person who looks in the alleyways for the people He might redeem.


Anonymous bjstockman said...

Solid. Well said.

1:41 PM  
Blogger ScottyB said...

I have some good friends who have worked in Sudan --Frontline and Peter Hammond in South Africa has done alot in Sudan along with Voice of the Martyrs are you familiar with them or can you recommend any other ministries that we can partener with?

also I posted this on nelmezzo's site--it applies to you as well:
nice job on ENo bringing forth righteous and biblical lines of thought - Love believes the best of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Obviously, nothing wrong with being a Berean but I think ENo seems to enjoy controversy and polemics. It borders on vain jangling. I think we can all this except them.
This is sad.

6:22 AM  
Blogger mcmuffie said...

Sad that our media has an endless tsunami of needless information drowning out the voices of those who truly suffer in situations that truly matter.

3:32 PM  

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