Sunday, March 05, 2006

Chiropractor- being the second part

yesterday i bravely journeyed back to the offices of dr. mike to have my spine, hips, and neck adjusted. this was just a check up and apparently all things were well because it took him about 5 minutes, which averaged out to about 7 dollars per minute. not too shab.

after this profitable adventure, dallass, adelaide and i, along with my dear mother, left to go frolic in the snow. it has been quite cold in our neck of the woods and the hills all round us are sprinkled with snow flakes, which like people, are each different and unique. splendid. since snow is a rare occurence for us, we decided to join my folks and head up to our friends ranch, conveniently located at a higher elevation. my mom drove her city slicker suburban (not equipped with 4 wheel drive) as far as she dared up the treacherous and muddy roads and then we stopped to wait for my dad to come ferry us the rest of the way up to the cabin. only he didn't come, our friend eric did. and so began the anti-chiropractor adventure.

eric pulled up in his vintage toyota landcruiser and in we hopped. we took off and i noticed that he was going in a different direction than he came. i asked him if this way was a faster way to the cabin and he said no, but he wanted to see how the road looked on the other side of the ridge. 'and the road will be fine?' i asked as i glanced back at my darling wife and daughter. 'sure' he said and if it wasn't we would just turn around and come back. swell.

things started out well but it turns out this 'road' goes up over the ridge before it arrives at the cabin. the further up we went, the less road we could see and the more squirrelly the land cruiser got. we went up some medium size slopes and i, being the non-woodsman that i am, was getting a bit nervous. we crested one hill and there before us lay the king of all hills, a steep quagmire covered in wet snow. but that is not all. between us and the matterhorn was a moderate sized pine, quaintly laid across our goat path. eric and i got out to wrestle the beast out of the way and it proved to be a sweat-breaker of a task. as i grunted the tree out of the road all i could think about was my recently adjusted back, so sanctimoniously declared all well by the good doctor.

meanwhile, my wise and beautiful wife was eyeing the hill before and declared 'i will not go up that hill in this vehicle with my baby. i would rather walk.' and so we did. eventually we made it to the cabin without dying, and i promptly fell asleep on their couch, exhausted from all the adrenaline and tree-hugging.

today, after unloading the load of firewood we brought back, my back is feeling not-so-hot, which i suppose is the curse of being a sedentary tall guy with a desk job and then attempting to be paul bunyan. my next chiro visit is on april fools day and i am looking forward to it. no joke.


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