Tuesday, February 28, 2006

men in wigs

I saw this picture of Barry Bonds today and it was really disturbing. Here is a man that is on the cusp of overtaking Babe Ruth and Henry Aaron as baseball's all time home run leader dressed up as a washed up pop singer (granted, I had a crush on her when i was 9). What gives?

In doing a little research I found out that he was doing this as part of "Giants Idol", a charity event that ended up raising $337 dollars for the Giants Community Fund. 337 dollars. Last year Barry raked in a smooth $22,000,000 and yet he dressed up in freakish attire in order to raise $337. I hope I am not the only one that feels that Barry would have done well to donate $10,000 and skip the wig and dress-with-fake-boobs outfit.

If I ever get to the position of Hall of Fame voter, Barry will certainly not get any love from me. This is distressing. Somewhere Ted Williams is wishing his body was in one piece so that he could roll over in his grave.


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