Thursday, January 24, 2008

2007- The Year of Pro Life Cinema

Christianity Today has an interesting article about all the pro life movies that came out in 2007.

I found it interesting, because the favorite to win best picture this year is the film No Country for Old Men, an extremely violent movie that features the death of countless people, many of them innocent bystanders in a drug deal gone bad.

I happened to watch the movie Bella (mentioned in the article) and No Country... within a few days of each other and I was struck at the disparity between the two movies. While I think No Country is a better movie, Bella conjured up so many hopeful and life-affirming emotions that my eyes spilled over many times. It was a wonderful film, my favorite of the pro life batch mentioned in the article, including Juno.

While I recognize and appreciate films that accurately portray the reality of violence and evil, I am also thankful for movies that celebrate God-given life. Even when those films don't intentionally point to a Creator God, it is appropriate to remember and rejoice in the God who gives life and breath to all creatures.



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I recommend Waitress. It's funnier than I expected.

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