Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sigur Ros and YouTube

From Sigur Ros:
Sigur Ros and YouTube make a little bit of history this Friday (Mar 7) with the band taking over the entire front page of the site around the world for a whole day, becoming the first group to ever have a feature-length music DVD streamed on the channel, with their acclaimed 'Heima' documentary shown in its complete 97-minute glory.

All 12 available slots on YouTube's home page will be devoted to the Icelandic quartet for a full 24-hours, putting them before a global audience of hundreds of millions. The link-up follows the success of 'Minn Heima', a competition hosted by YouTube ( for fans of the band to create their own little version of 'Heima', using audio and video clips posted online. The 10 best entries, as judged by the band, will be featured on the home page, alongside the film itself, as well as a special message from the band, taking time off from recording their new album in Reykjavik.

YouTube has only previously hosted a handful of long form presentations, none for music DVDs. It is the first ever UK home page "takeover" since the launch of - the localized home page that allows for country-specific video rankings and comments.

Simultaneous with the YouTube promotion, the band will launch, giving away a free audio-visual download clip of the song 'Ny Batteri' filmed live in Reykjavik in the summer of 2006 as part of the Heima tour. 'Ny Batteri' is just one of a dozen additional songs not featured in the film that the band are intending to make available via the site in the near future. Information about the forthcoming album will also be revealed via

I've seen Heima and I recommend that everyone carve out some time to watch this.

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Blogger edwardallen said...

thanks for the heads up on the sigur ros film. i viewed with last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. hope your trip to seattle was a ball. i look forward to hearing all about it.

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