Friday, May 30, 2008

Free Hip-Hop Sampler- Lamp Mode Recordings

Though I'm no hip-hop connoisseur, I've really been enjoying this free sampler download from Lamp Mode Records.

From Lamp Mode's website:

We are committed to providing Christ-centered, excellent music that stays true to the authentic, rugged hip-hop aesthetic that we love while bringing glory to God -and at an affordable price. And when we can, we will give it away for free. And that’s the case with “The Grassroots” CD. You are important to us. We are convinced that a loyal few is better than a fickle multitude. Our hope is that you will enjoy our music, pass it along to others, and allow us to serve you again in the future.

Track List
1-Grassroots Inchrow
2-Christ Crucified
3-Let’s Kill Sin
5-A Letter To My Friends
6-From Beginning To End
7-Holiness of God

I've been listening to this sampler this morning and I have really been enjoying it. I'm pretty much the nerdiest white guy ever, but I'm still bouncing in my chair. So far I really like Holiness of God and A Letter To My Friends.

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