Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Free music...

Since so many of you (5 so far!) are helping me get free books I thought I would be a generous blogger and give back a little.

One of my favorite joys in life is to share another of my favorite joys in life: music. I am constantly (probably irritatingly) recommending new music to friends and reprimanding people for not listening to such glorious artists as Sigur Ros or such landmark artists as Bob Dylan.

Problem is, music costs money...usually. But not today. I have scoured the interweb, done the footwork and I now humbly present to you some free music.

Jeremy Casella~ Recovery (full album- streaming)
This is a really fantastic record that I have yet to buy. But I constantly listen to it at Jeremy's virb site and it doesn't get old.

Band of Horses~ Is There a Ghost (song from upcoming album Cease to Begin- download)
Band of Horses first album, Everything All The Time, was one of my favorite records to listen to last year and this first track gives me great hope that the next album is going to be solid.

Rogue Wave~ Asleep at Heaven's Gate (full album- streaming)
Their first album was good, some really great melodies on a few songs.

Pinback~ Autumn of the Seraphs (full album- streaming).
You can also download the track "From Nothing to Nowhere" here.

Andrew Osenga~ Letters to the Editor, Vol. 1 (full EP, download)
Andrew is a fantastic songwriter who currently makes his living improving each musical project he is part of. This project is
" acoustic EP [Andy] recorded in the early Summer of 2007. All the songs are written from ideas submitted by fans and supporters of my music. The download contains the six MP3’s and a PDF “virtual booklet” with the lyrics, credits and all sorts of other information."

May your ears enjoy and your hearts be thankful for God's marvelous gift of music.



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