Wednesday, October 03, 2007

ESV Literary Study Bible

About a month ago I heard rumours (Fleetwood Mac anyone?) of a new bible that Crossway was putting out called the Literary Study Bible (henceforth referred to as the LSB). The LSB has now been released and due to an abundance of gift cards I should be getting mine any day now.

Based on the English Standard Version translation of the Bible, the LSB is a study bible that "...approaches the Bible as literature and shows how the application of literary tools of analysis helps tremendously in reading and understanding the Bible. Readers are introduced to the literary features of each book of the Bible and to each section within each book...this is truly a reader’s Bible."

The LSB was edited by Dr. Leland Ryken and his son Dr. Philip Graham Ryken. Ryken Sr. is a literary scholar (he work as literary stylist for the ESV) and has written many books about reading the Bible as literature. Ryken Jr. is author of several books and a pastor in Philadelphia.

Tony at The Shepherd's Scrapbook shared his excited thoughts and a detailed review of this forthcoming Bible. Here are some quotes from his review (but you should definitely read the whole thing):

"The premiere benefit of the LSB is viewing Scripture as literature, without reducing Scripture to the level of
mere literature."

"By viewing Scripture first as literature (and secondarily as theological content to fill a systematic outline), something important surfaces. Scripture is experienced."

"It occurs to me that once we experience literature, literature becomes integrated into our experience. For example, Augustine’s Confessions are saturated with the Psalms because the Psalms saturated Augustine’s experience. The LSB encourages me to further experience Scripture by using the literary composition as a door into experiencing the text for myself."

Here are some more informative links regarding the LSB.

ESV Literary Study Bible website- You can learn more about the features, read the preface, browse the entire text online, and learn more about the editors Ryken.

Listen to/read an interview with Leland Ryken regarding the LSB (again, from Tony at TSS)

WTS Books interview with the Ryken's about the LSB

The suggested retail for the LSB is $49.99 but WTS Books has it for $29.99 (plus 5 bucks shipping- flat rate, so buy some more books while you're at it), a fantastic deal. I hope to be getting mine soon and I will post some more thoughts once it arrives.



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